Mixed uses tower

  • Client: Skandiafastighetevr
  • Programme: Tower including offices, retail businesses and housings
  • Dates 2010
  • Area 32 000 sqm
  • Erik Giudice Architecture team Federico Mannella,
  • Images: EGA, Studio Cyrille Thomas
  • Label environnemental Miljöbyggnad Breeam-SE Green Building Very good

The new tower represents a dynamic and sculptural landmark. The faceted volume gives the building a unique identity characterized by a precise and balanced geometry. The pleated facade establishes the multiple relations with the landscape and generates perspectives in constant evolution. The gradual retreats create terraces accessible on the lower levels and exterior spaces for relaxation and meeting spots.

The program foresees the creation of commercial spaces on the lower floors, offices on the intermediary and housings on the higher floors. This organization is the answer to the general constraints caused by the nearby highway. The building is implanted in superstructure of an existing metro station; together with a train station it thus offers ideal conditions for public transport use.