Conception of offices and businesses

  • Client: Midroc Property Development AB
  • Programme: Offices and businesses
  • Dates 2012-2019
  • Area Offices (7245 sqm) and businesses (864 sqm) / Total area surface : 9416 sqm
  • Erik Giudice Architecture team Federico Mannella, Ayaka Uezumi, Nikolas Kavvadias
  • Project team Structural engineer : RAMBOLL/ Acoustic consultant : TYRENS/ Management : PALI/Fluids engineer : BDAP/Sustainable development engineer : MIDROC/ Electricity engineer : WSP/Fire consultant: EPCON
  • Images: Fédérico Covre
  • Nominated for the AFEX Prize in 2020

The building “The Edge” is located close to the Malmö Mässan Convention and exhibition Center, also designed by EGA.
The eleven storey glass prism, with its dynamic expression will become a new urban landmark in Malmö.
The continuous glass facade interplays between transparent, translucent and opaque. The glass has high-performance insulation properties, which allows it to maintain its transparent characteristics with a minimum use of materials, while obtaining high insulation values.
The different levels of the building offer a great amount of flexibility and are designed to be convertible working spaces for cell, landscape and mixed offices. The ground floor´s mezzanines serve as space for both commercial business functions and offices. The two floors at the top of the building have a multi-purpose program with a roof-top restaurant, conference and meeting rooms. Embedded green patios enhance the ambiance and the air quality of the Building