• Client: Midroc Property Development AB
  • Programme: 122 apartements
  • Dates 2012-2015
  • Area 10 430 sqm
  • Erik Giudice Architecture team Fédérico Mannella, Ayaka Uezumi, Nikolas Kavvadias
  • Project team Structural engineer : SWECO/ Fluids engineer : POAB/ Fire consultant : BRANDSKYDDLAGA
  • Images: Studio Cyrille Thomas
  • Miljöbyggnad Green Building Breeam-SE Very good Ratio SHAB/SPC : 0.72 Coef. de compacité Sp/SHAB : 1.38

Superblock falls within Nya Årstafältet, the eco-district that completes the development of the ever evolving south of Stockholm, as part of Hammarby Sjöstad’s innovative concept, the reference in terms of sustainable management. In order to create continuity with the new park of 30 hectares, and to offer a diversity of exterior public and private spaces for the inhabitants, the heart of the block and terraces are generously filled with vegetation.

The building’s slender design and the balconies with their succession of withdrawals create a volumetric sequence, an architectural scansion emphasized by the metal envelope that captures light and reflects it within the housing block. The prefabricated sandwich concrete walls that integrate isolation allow a strong inertia and reduce the time limit for the construction work thanks to a dry fitting.
The height and typology diversity of the apartments contribute towards the desired social and generational mixed nature of the building.
Common spaces such as washhouse, greenhouse, and festive premises at the heart of the project also contribute towards the social “life” of the inhabitants. As for the traversal and transparent ground floor, it is used to host commercial functions and activities that reinforce the dynamism of the public space.