Conception of residences

  • Client: Les Nouveaux Constructeurs
  • Programme: 30 residences ( for accession to ownership)
  • Dates 2012-2017
  • Area 1922 sqm
  • Erik Giudice Architecture team Fédérico Mannella, Ayaka Uezumi
  • Project team Engineering consultant : ARETEC
  • Images: Camille Gharbi

Silver & Wood are two contemporaries ways to live in town.
Silver give a new form to the new urban panorama of Clichy. Wood with these own private gardens, in the heart of the city, encourage closeness. The contrast between the two buildings, their proportions, their materials help to create new synergies and new image of the neighborhood. The Silver tower gives a new energy in the neighborhood. The construction of the different stages with a gradual recall permit to preserve the sunlight of the buildings and the public spaces.
The building envelope in glass and reflective metal permit to create a light signal for Clichy and beyond. On ten stages, Silver hosts family accommodations with different sizes and typologies.
Along Trouillet Street, the two residences of Wood, accessibles by wooded small courtyards are remarkable thanks to fronts in glossy wood. Thanks to broad window-doors, we can guess the sun bathed interiors.
The proposed architecture expresses a new contemporaneity who establish an exchange with existing buildings while expressing a modern and durable aspect.