Conception of mixed uses in the Wacken Europe area in Strasbourg

  • Client: Ville de Strasbourg et Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg
  • Programme: Conception of offices, shops and housing
  • Dates 2016
  • Area 120 000 sqm
  • Erik Giudice Architecture team Fédérico Mannella
  • Project team EGA/ INGEROP BET/ HQE : SINTEO / Architecte co-traitant : 120GR

Our proposal for lot 4 strongly affirms the principles defined in the urban, architectural and landscapes prescriptions of the New International Business district. The project perfectly meets the site and program stakes. The overall design is unitary, while offering several aspects for each program.
The volume of this block is defined as an high quality piece of city, dense and mixed. From a very urban base, is emerging three urban typologies of different heights, that fit together and balance : some office buildings in the north, a low block of housing in the south-west, a slender building of dwellings in the south-east.
This morphological dialog, made of tensions, slidings and discrepancies, is a contribution to the image of a dynamic and non-monolithic whole In addition, the plays of withdrawals and of extrusions on the facades helps to identify residents and users at their place of residence or work. Then, the movement of certain levels makes permits to create interesting terraces that can be exploited for different uses. Visually, the block follows a north-south progression: it appears neat and urban along the Dresden Boulevard, then cut, moving and landscaped on the park side. This disposition isn’t a stylistic effect, but a consequence of the connection between the site and its environment. The volumetry of the building is studied to maximize the visibility of all projects outward, while maintaining a high degree of privacy between lots.