Conception of an offices building

  • Client: Wihlborgs
  • Programme: Realization of offices, common areas , conviviality spaces, cafes and restaurants
  • Dates 2016- 2019
  • Area 16 776 sqm
  • Erik Giudice Architecture team Federico Mannella, Ayaka Uezumi, Karin Lindstrôm, Anna Mazur, Nicolas Millot
  • Project team Structure : STRUCTOR+ COWI/ Energie : PRIME PROJECT/ Fluides : BI-VENT+ BENGTDAHLGREN+ ASSEMBLIN/ Sécurité incendie : BRICON/ Sprinkler : BRAVIDA C2M
  • Images: LMNB
  • Miljöbyggnad Guld

Situated at the harbour in Helsingborg, Sweden, “Prisma” is a part of a new extension of the central city.

Designed to become an attractive spot both for people working here as well as for passers by, the ground floor serves as a place for the public with commercial functions such as restaurant/café. The buildings transparency (add smth abouth how – materiality) is also making it well connected to the public spaces surrounding it, with the main entrance opening up towards the public square and the city. The floors above are containing flexible office spaces as well as a public roof terrace offering a fantastic view over Helsingborg and Öresund.

Characterized by its facetted facade, the design of Prisma is taking both the bigger and smaller scale into consideration. The parametric facade system of glass and opaque tiles is both adding a smaller scale to the building as well as forming it into a landmark strengthening the identity both for the neighborhood as well as the city of Helsingborg.

Prisma is designed to be a natural part of a sustainable daily life awarded as “Miljöbyggnad guld”.

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