New concept “Varberg Making Waves”

  • Client: Varberg municipality and Jernhusen
  • Programme: Our proposal "Varberg Making Waves" will expand and double the small town city center along its first and new waterfront.
  • Dates 2016- 2017
  • Area Housing: 235.000 sqm/ Office, shop, restaurants: 15.000 sqm/ Public functions: 12.000 sqm/ Strategic buildings: 2.500 sqm/ Associations: 2.500 sqm/ Total area : 15 000 sqm
  • Erik Giudice Architecture team Gustav Magnusson, Johan Navjord, Aleksanda Adamczewska, Nikolas Kavvadias, Federico Mannella
  • Project team Landscape: RAMBÖLL/ Cultural planning : NOEMA
  • Images: LMNB

Varberg is a creative surf, tourism and spa city on the west coast of Sweden. With the arrival of a new transtation and underground railways, the possibility to expand the urban grid down to the sea creates new possibilities.
EGA developed a masterplan and strategies for a new identity and waterfront neighborhood, in dialogue with stakeholder and the public. The overall strategy was to express the unique waterculture identity through a diversity of actions, rather than to make to harsh generalizations, in order to expand the needs of this touristic city where new, authentic and meaningful discoveries are of importance.
Our proposal “Varberg Making Waves” will expand and double the small town city center along its first and new waterfront. The proximity to the new waterfront is augmented by a water strategy. The city is prolonged out into the sea and the water is invited into the city, not only with greywater strategies, small canals and vistas. This is also created by a biotope strategy where the beach biotope is used to create a unique small town beach environment. This environment is put together with pedestrian friendly trafic management that place anchorages the masterplan with the mayor industry of the Varberg (Producers of shoes, bikes and cobblestones)
The pier is prolonged, creating floating bridges with floating pavilions, small boats and urban animation. An inner blue park with active and diverse quays around creates promenades where sequences of impressions create an interesting living environment.
A new central station merges with the new and old city in a new station area. The hallifornia festival (Important waterculture festival of the city) is beeing permanented in one of the old warehouses, shaping a creative and progressively developed incubator. A waterculture house is manifesting the unique coast culture of the city.