Conception of Arena

  • Client: Town of Brunico
  • Programme: Conception of two arenas figure skating, hockey, short track, fitness area, restaurant, offices, changing rooms, press area and vip rooms
  • Dates 2014-2016
  • Area 7740
  • Erik Giudice Architecture team Marco Coletti, Federico Mannella
  • Images: Artefactory

The fascinating alpine environnement of the Dolomites Trentines represents an element of the architectural concept of our project.
The project is based on distinctif and emblematic characteristics of the place.
The form of the sports hall of Brunico is faceted and is confronted to the horizontality of the area and the montains.

The crystalline structure is caracterised by a dynamic mouvement of the large openings. This organization allows to connect all the sportives activities of the arena to the exterior.

Thanks to this concept the building can be an urban landscape symbol for Brunico and will be an emulation place
The sportive installation includes the development of two hockey runs,

One interior : 3000 spectators can be accomodated and one covered in exterior.

The new sports hall is designed with the hightest standards of energy performance : the volumetric design, the site management and the choice of the materials.