Conception of Market of National interest of Nantes

  • Client: Nantes Métropole
  • Programme: 4 rental food buildings, 1 non-food rental building, 2 buildings for investors, underground parking, garage, washing station and exterior landscape design
  • Dates 2015- 2019
  • Area 69 275 sqm
  • Erik Giudice Architecture team Marcin Sikora, Natacha Boulay, Petrus Von Bolderen, Corinne Lagardère, Mathieu Thomasset, Anaïs Manolioux, Viktor Lôftröm, Emillie Dessoye, Alexandra Union, Roberto Sanz Asensio, Federico Cheloni, Franck Bergerioux, Xavier Aubry,Rachida Abikchi, Elsa Maunoury, Tiphaine Faussurier, Julien Croyal, Andreas Puck, Alice Pédel
  • Project team agro-food engineering consultant : SEFIAL /landscape design: EXIT /engineering consultant : OTE /sustainable development specialist : OTELIO / kitchen designer : BEGC
  • Images: LMNB / Luc Boegly / Julien Lanoo / Valéry Joncheray / Balloon
  • Tertiary buildings : logistic plateform / Cold storage
  • Awarded of the Prize " Sustainable Building" in 2020 - EPL Awards
  • Nominated for the Equerre d'Argent Prize in 2019 in the category "Activities" //
  • Nominated for the MIPIM Awards in 2020 in the Category "Best industrial and logistics development" //
  • Nominated for the Dezeen Awards in 2020 in the Category " Infrastructure project"

Thanks to its architectural, urban and functional qualities, Nantes’ new Market of National Interest is a symbolic space and effective equipment for the sustainable economic development of the city of Nantes. Our project aims to create a facility that is both very much opened and visible from its northern entry point and perfectly integrated within the bocage landscape, by wooded strips on each of its three sides.
Convivial and green spaces thus contribute in turning the Market into a remarkable living space. The wooden structure that makes up the roof of the hall creates a warm atmosphere and expresses, through its regular geometry, the idea of flexibility and upgradeability that is the basis of the entire project. This big roof creates a large awning that welcomes visitors and employees.