Conception of a cultural equipment

  • Client: Midroc Property Development AB
  • Programme: exhibition hall, auditoriums, restaurants
  • Dates 2010- 2012
  • Area 21 000
  • Erik Giudice Architecture team Erik Giudice, Federico Mannella
  • Project team Engineering consultant : RAMBOLL / Fluids engineering: CLIMAT 80 + STJERNFERDTS / Electricity : YIT+ CAVARION ENERGIE
  • Images: Martin Paluen
  • Miljöbyggnad Green Building Breeam-SE Very good

MalmöMässan is located in Hyllie, the expanding hub for mixed development in the south of Malmö, ideally linked by train to the city centre in Copenhagen and it’s international airport. The project’s exterior faceted envelope creates a dynamic streetscape and volumetric variation, providing places and urban pockets protected from the wind. Behind a layer of extroverted public and commercial spaces lays a rational and efficient multifunctional exhibition hall that can be used in a multitude of configurations and events.
MalmöMässan is built in an original and unexpected Finnish white kaolin brick. Characteristic of Malmö, brick has proven its durability and resistance to climatic conditions and the marine environment.
The building has a high sustainability profile and is covered by a 17 000 m² green roof, one of Sweden’s largest. The use of a double wall made up of a concrete structure, as well as an exterior insulation and a brick wall provides the building with a very high thermal inertia. The project has received the Green Building certification following Swedish norms.