Conception of residential program

  • Client: Midroc
  • Programme: Conception of houses program with shops, cafes and workshops.
  • Dates 2016- 2018
  • Area 10 745 sqm
  • Erik Giudice Architecture team Ayaka Uezumi, Federico Mannella, Guillaume Dubois
  • Project team Paysagiste: KARAVAN
  • Images: LMNB

The conception of the neighborhood of Ulleråker is really contemporary. Each point of this project helps to contribute to create awareness about the sustainable development. Some digital tools will be available for the residents: application to rent bikes, second hand shops.

The lifestyle habits change and these changes are considered in the organization of the housings. The flats have been designed with a great modularity. We have chosen to design green roofs which stimulates the façades of the buildings.

The used materials are natural, with warm color, close to the color of the great pines of the area.
To encourage exchanges and make life easier for residents, some shops, cafés and concierge services will be install in the ground floor.

Therefore, EGA and Midroc have imagined for the Ulleråker district, a new form of urban life, based on the social mixity, the sharing and the ecological exemplarity.