Mixed program

  • Client: Midroc Property
  • Programme: 80 student housing/ 30 familly housing/ 12 town houses/ local activity/ shops
  • Dates 2014- 2021
  • Area 7181 sqm
  • Erik Giudice Architecture team Federico Mannella, Nikolas Kavvadias, Ayaka Uezumi
  • Project team Engineering consultant : SWECO/ landscape : Karavan
  • Images: LABTOP
  • Miljöbyggnad - Silver

In this proposal our aim is to make a creative as well as constructive contribution to commonly achieve the goal to create one of “Sweden’s most exciting and sustainable urban areas” in Östra Sala Backe. Cities become denser and consequently more sustainable, at the same time there is a need for open public spaces that bring certain qualities to the areas and thereby allow urban housing to remain attractive. Our proposal is a sustainable, overall concept that comprises both the buildings and the public spaces with their content, design, implementation and long-term management.
The houses in our proposal are elegant, timeless designs with flexible floor plans and with a strong, external as well as internal, identity. They are attractive landmark buildings that offers functional and flexible residential- and business facilities. The three volumes of different scale and materiality creates a varied and exciting environment, meanwhile the collective design for the houses creates an ensemble. The buildings are robust, energy-efficient, space-efficient and bright, thus provide optimal conditions for living and working. The architecture expresses a simplicity of design and technology, where all parts and components are visible, easy to identify and understand. The buildings therefore form a pedagogical structure in themselves and contributes to exemplify sustainable architecture.