Conception of a train station

  • Client: ONCF
  • Programme: Conception for a train station
  • Dates 2012-2019
  • Area 11 000 sqm
  • Erik Giudice Architecture team Federico Mannella, Ayaka Uezumi
  • Project team Omar Kobbite architecte mandataire/ OSilvio D'Ascia Architecture/ engineering consultant : PYRAMIDE
  • Images: EGA
  • Versailles Award 2019 "Railway stations" / Distinction "Exterior"

Kenitra’s architectural and urban landscape is going through a broad process of development, with an increasing concentration of the population and the development of equipments such as the university complex located south of the railway. In this context of complete reconfiguration, Kenitra’s new high-speed railway station must counter functional and upcoming urban challenges.
The High-Speed Station is an important building, a strong landmark in the city that takes into account the Urban Design objectives around the station through a strong link with the south and the Urban Design and housings towards the west. The “place du 11 janvier” has been redesigned to create a true square for the station where travelers and citizens alike can enjoy a lively place.
The high-speed train station also creates a sense of continuity between the landscape designs in the south and the northern city thanks to its planted patios and the strong presence of nature notably on the first platform. This green aspect in its different elements (light, wind and trees) introduces morocco’s magical unique landscape within the station.
A structural ultra-high performing fiber-reinforced concrete mesh with a glass envelope and the coverings of the internal functions, that play on opacity and transparence evoke as much the mashrabiya motifs and geometrical decorations as the Op contemporary art that is very much a reflection of Morocco: between tradition and modernity.