Conception of the new Aarhus architecture school

  • Client: Danish Building and Property Agency
  • Programme: Conception of the new school and its interior design : classrooms, amphitheaters, exhibition spaces, restaurant
  • Dates 2016
  • Area 12 000 sqm
  • Erik Giudice Architecture team Guillaume Durand, Luc Cabantous, Nicolas Millot
  • Images: Artefactory

Our proposal for the new Aarhus School is a pedagogical toolbox inspired by the industrial history of the site, an ever- changing urban catalyst offering flexibility and opening towards the city and the future. The project is located near the Katapult theater and Godsbanens cultural center to create a vivid cultural platform. The school of architecture creates a transversal link between Carl Blochs Gade and Sonnesgade. Different flows cross and connect to the building: the pedestrian street Carl Blochs Gade, the new masterplan street, the green wedge and the train line. The building is shaped by these flows.
The building’s structure can be used to support the student works or machines used for model constructions. The structure is also used to create events such as outdoor performances.
The building’s program echoes the urban context. The school’s main entrance is located towards Carl Blochs Gade. On the green wedge, there is the restaurant terrace and the outdoor student workshops. This space can also be used for theater events. The storage and the delivery areas are located near the train station, thus allowing students to easily transport their works across Denmark or abroad. The studio space is flexible, it can be used as a classical workshop, an amphitheater or a cafeteria. These non-permanent structures can be designed and built by the students as a part of the practical curriculum.