Conception of a mixed uses program

  • Client: Office property development: Whilborgs / Housing property developement: MKB
  • Programme: Conception of a mixed uses program with offices , shops and associations of the neighborhood
  • Dates 2017
  • Area 31 298 sqm
  • Erik Giudice Architecture team Federico Mannella, Léandre Doucet, Robin Durand, Franck Bergerioux, Karin Lindtröm
  • Project team Open Studio arkitekter: Partner architects / MIP: Malmö Nonprofit Organization's Umbrella Organization
  • Images: Bloomimages

By creating an incubator for social entrepreneurs who can cooperate with associations and companies in the neighborhood, residents and other Malmö inhabitants creates a brand new place for meetings and innovation. This gives the opportunity to actively join and create solutions to the challenges of our society. “Be the Change” becomes a place there people can “be the change”.

Four union clusters and an incubator for social entrepreneurs is the basis of the concept. Each cluster gets its own identity and own premises that reflect the cluster’s identity and gives life to the ground floor around the block. Towards Hyllie Stationstorg there is a showroom/blackbox in close connection to a travel center, barista and open public spaces.

In “Be the Change” companies can sign social rental contracts, where part of the rent go to the associations, and get access to an inspiring environment filled with activities and a multifaceted network in absolute proximity.

We break down the big block into a vertical small town with village structure and a walk
that invites you on a varied, lush and relaxing stroll straight through the neighborhood. The quarter’s distinctive design will attract attention and add a new dimension to the area. With green vertical greenhouses we pull Söderslätts corpland into the modern cityscape and create sustainable cultivation in the city.

“Be the Change” is thought to be a meeting spot for the residents of Malmö, visitors and activities in the building, and contribute to a sustainable neighborhood for the future in a cosmopolitan spirit. Here we create integration and help in building Malmö as a whole.