Young people’s center

  • Client: Ville de Paris
  • Programme: Young people’s center, multipurpose rooms, recording studio, educational garden
  • Dates 2016- 2019
  • Area 962 sqm
  • Erik Giudice Architecture team Ayaka Uezemi, Xavier Aubry, Nicolas Millot, Luc Cabantous
  • Project team Engineering consultant+ sustainable development specialist : OTE+ OTELIO/ Landscape: TOPAGER
  • Images: Artefactory Lab

The “Hébert kub” project relies on a subtle nuance between transparency and opacity, mineral consistency and plant variation, constancy and instability. The architecture is defined, timeless, attractive with restraint in order to arouse the curiosity and interest of the people, mostly young but also the other inhabitants and staff.

The building constitutes the heart of the social cultural neighborhood, an inter-generational dynamic meeting space.

The new animation center is characterized by a homogeneous, fastidious and careful treatment of each facade including the ones in cluster. Visible from Fillettes street, the west facade is vegetalized to guarantee an ecologic continuity between the exterior space and the planted roof. Supports are fixed in some of the walls in order to mesh the cables on which climbing plants love to trail.

On the roof was planted the pedagogic garden designed as a vegetable garden and a cultivating space in the broader sense where living organisms form a harmonious ecosystem controlled by man with respect to biodiversity.

The new “Hébert kub” is akin to this representation where each and everyone comes together and brings their uniqueness and makes this animated center a rich space for culture sharing.