Conception of an office building in Malmö

  • Client: Wilhborgs
  • Programme: Offices
  • Dates 2016
  • Area 29 630 sqm
  • Erik Giudice Architecture team Federico Mannella, Gustav Magnusson, Nicolas Millot, Thibault Moncorger
  • Project team Management consulting : RAMBOLL/ sustainable consultant : MOBILITY EXPERT/ cultural planning : NOEMA/ ecological consultant : CALLUNA/ urbanism consultant : ECOSISTEMA URBANO
  • Images: Studio Cyrille Thomas

Nyhamnen is the district of Malmö that reflects the economic dynamism of the city the most. It is a business district, a district of diplomatic activities with the consulates, the embassies of the region, and a university center with the University of Malmö all at once.

Today, companies with innovative concepts settle there. It is in this dynamic social and economic context that EGA has reflected on the feasibility study of the Lighthouse office program which is structured as a vertical campus with volumes of different sizes offering users the opportunity to use the premises in different ways.

The project was designed to accommodate all kinds of activities and events and to illustrate the “new way of work”. Totally open to the city, transparency and the sides of its structure contribute to strengthening a link with the urban and natural environment in which it is inserted.