Construction of a mixed programme

  • Client: Vasakronan AB
  • Programme: Hotel, offices, shops, conference rooms, auditoriums, cultural facilities, restaurants
  • Dates 2022
  • Area 76 635 sqm
  • Erik Giudice Architecture team Peter Ejvegärd, Natacha Boulay, Yvonne Caragounis, Paola Crescentini, Viktor Löfström, Jan Johansson, Amina Berrouag, Maxime Tricot, Nikolas Kavvadias,Marcin Sikora, Gustav Kavsjö, Agnieszka Malinowska, Stanislava Stoeva, Hillevi Robertsson Quinn, Jonas Täljsten, Aleksandra Wolffgram, Anna Karolina Tadajewska, Anna Mazur, Emma Hindmarsh Vannerus, Aleksandra Adanczewska, Laure Ludig, Patrick Jonhansson
  • Project team Structural engineering : ELU/ Strong current, low current, elevators: WSP/ Fluids mechanics: PROJEKT ENGAGEMANG/ Landscape, circulations and logistic: RAMBÖLL/ Fronts & shells: TAITO/ Fire safety: DEAP/ Bim coordination: ZYNKA/ Project Management: AKURO
  • Images: Luxigon, Vivid vision
  • Prize " Silver Bim " in France in 2020 in the Category " Best international building "

Platinan is part of an extensive transformation of central Gothenbourg, Sweden’s second largest city. The two buildings are located on a strategical site, with close access to the central station and to Västlänken, a new regional railway network.
The mixed-use development will include offices, housing, a hotel, shops and cultural activities, all of which seek to remain flexible and adaptable to future change. The combination of multiple activities aims to generate innovative ways of working and living.
The buildings are designed to become an inclusive, green and dynamic part of the extended city core.
An interplay of open terasses and winter gardens offer space for extensiv greenery on the building’s exterior perimeters and create an ecological buffer zone, that can be used by the tenants for multiple activities.
The building’s design connects to the industrial past of the site by using a regular large span structural grid and unified floor heights, that provides optimal interior flexibility, allowing for future transformations and functional evolutions.
The transparency and the reflective quality of the glass skin gives the envelope a light and crisp expression that catches the movements and the colors of the city and the sky.
Providing biodiversity in the core of the city is one key aspect of the project that contributes to an improved microclimate. The buildings are conceived to achieve the highest sustainability standards and will be certified LEED Platinium.