Conception of a museum and interior design

  • Client: Fondation Solomon R.Guggenheim
  • Programme: Museum and interior design
  • Dates 2014
  • Area NC
  • Erik Giudice Architecture team Franck Bergerioux, Marco Coletti
  • Images: KDSL

The design for Helsinki Guggenheim is one that is open to the world, the city and the sea. The aim is to create an active cultural hub, a dynamic platform for experimentation and innovation.

The project is founded on the contrast between the movement and materiality of the ground floor’s concrete and wooden surfaces as well as the abstract glazed, suspended exhibition space. The building conveys a sense of lightness and solidity; it is both contemporary and timeless, echoing the Guggenheim tradition, yet remaining unique.

The museum merges into the sensitive waterfront with an open view towards the water. The fluid architecture creates a dynamic exterior and interior landscape that connects the city with the museum and the exhibition spaces in a seamless movement. The building communicates the egalitarian quality of Nordic and Finnish culture, putting all visitors and artists on the same level indistinctively of origin, age or fame.